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razz / малина
имя существительное
raspberry, razz, fence, stash
mock, taunt, scoff, razz, sneer, deride
tease, badger, pick on, vex, rib, razz
make fun of, ridicule, mock, deride, satirize, razz
tease (someone) playfully.
At one point, police cordoned off a city block after several dozen demonstrators jeered and razzed the incoming audience.
On most teams that I've been on, there's always one older player who likes to razz the young guys.
We essentially gave Freddie the razz for not doing more to influence his cabinet colleagues.
But Toronto welcomed Wilson's acoustic ramblings with a razz , and killed his musical dreams.
I could never pass up an opportunity to razz you though, you know that.
We haven't talked a lot yet, but we razz each other a little in flirtatious ways while I get his coffee, that kind of thing.
I'd razz him about lying and having a poster hanging over his bed.
his co-workers razz him about it
That would mean Dad would lose all the money he spent on this special program, and Tom would razz him about being a baby.
Sara knew he would razz her about the political correctness and her saying she trusted me.
Sure, we razz her, but we eventually come around.