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razor-sharp / бритва
имя прилагательное
extremely sharp.
razor-sharp teeth
The tiny animal suddenly had a huge mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and gobbled up the candy in one bite.
She screamed as she felt several razor-sharp pieces penetrate her skin, cutting deep into her arms.
You could say that the razor-sharp twinkle of perception in his eyes has gained an extra edge.
One of the monsters hissed at the other, revealing twin rows of razor-sharp teeth.
These are some of the questions on our minds as we turn to purveyors of razor-sharp political punditry.
He smiled at the joke, displaying a messy arrangement of razor-sharp teeth.
He was no taller than before but now he had razor-sharp claws and deadly teeth.
The humour arises from razor-sharp observation but is never cruel.
Officers then secured the crocodile's mouth shut, protecting them from rows of razor-sharp teeth.
Many more boards would benefit from his razor-sharp intellect and high ethical standards.