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razor / бритва
имя существительное
razor, shaver, razor blade
shave, razor
имя существительное
an instrument with a sharp blade or combination of blades, used to remove unwanted hair from the face or body.
Some people will be giving away the razors to sell the blades.
cut with a razor.
‘By keeping it short and razoring it, it should help control it,’ said Amy.
He then turns back to the mirror, straight razor in hand.
She pulled the razor away from her wrist and put it back in the basket.
Sitting in the tub I grabbed my razor , and held it in my hand.
In 1901, Gillette introduced his double-edged bladed disposable safety razor .
He hurried to his own rucksack, where he pulled out a razor .
They used an electric razor on me and my back itched for days.
Feo eventually looked healthy and happy, especially once I had trimmed his fur with a shaving razor .
an electric razor
Her eyes were set to target and razor things and she looked at the object.
There was soap, and bath gel, even hot lather and a shaving razor .