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raze / сровнять с землей, сносить, стирать
сровнять с землей
raze, level to the ground, level with the ground, rase
demolish, take down, raze, tear down, suffer, take
wash, erase, wear, wear off, obliterate, raze
разрушать до основания
raze, rase
cross out, delete, strike out, cross off, scratch, raze
completely destroy (a building, town, or other site).
villages were razed to the ground
I will raze the whole building to the ground, if that's what it takes to prove myself.
Next it was the turn of armoured bulldozers to raze building after building.
Work began to raze the building in February this year.
Neither our lease nor our budget will allow us to raze our buildings to put in showcase-perfect sustainable materials.
If the charge that he conspired to raze a mosque is valid, there is a great deal to answer for.
If you join, I will have no need to raze your towns and capture your villages.
All the Trojan men are killed, the town is razed to the ground and the women are distributed among the occupiers as the spoils of victory.
The Israeli army said it razed the buildings because they had been used to fire at its troops and for smuggling arms.
They talk of ‘carpet bombing’ and razing whole cities to the ground.
Troops were razing buildings and killing people as they were encountered.