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ray / луч, скат, радиус
имя существительное
beam, ray, shaft, gleam
slope, ramp, stingray, chute, skate, ray
radius, ray, semidiameter
имя прилагательное
ray, radiation, radial
radiate, emit, emanate, beam, irradiate, ray
irradiate, ray, radiumize
имя существительное
each of the lines in which light (and heat) may seem to stream from the sun or any luminous body, or pass through a small opening.
a ray of sunlight came through the window
a thing that is arranged radially, in particular.
a broad, flat marine or freshwater fish with a cartilaginous skeleton, winglike pectoral fins, and a long slender tail. Many rays have venomous spines or electric organs.
Participants will dive amidst one of Europe's largest collection of sharks, as well as 2000 other fish, rays and conger eels.
spread from or as if from a central point.
delicate lines rayed out at each corner of her eyes
the ray that runs from the centre of the circle to the point of tangency
‘The only ray of hope we had was the anchor rope,’ said Mr. Podiyan.
A ray of hope appears in the form of Mary Burke, the daughter of a heart attack victim who strikes a chord with the troubled Pierce.
It is always wise to make a sketch of the system, including the ray bundles for the on-axis and off-axis imagery.
A light ray grazing the surface under those circumstances is bent, or refracted, upward.
Mirrors, spherical or otherwise, operate on the principle that the angle of reflection of a ray of light equals the angle at which it strikes the mirror's surface.
Some tenants felt Christmas would not generate big profit margins for them, but others saw a ray of hope with a late-buying binge.
if only I could see some ray of hope
All coding elements redirect light so that no ray, besides the on-axis ray , travels toward the traditional geometric focus point.
They had caught a manta ray and said it was good eating.