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raw-boned / костлявый, худой, очень худой
имя прилагательное
bony, scrawny, angular, raw-boned
thin, lean, meager, spare, gracile, raw-boned
очень худой
raw-boned, slim-jim
имя прилагательное
having a bony or gaunt physique.
And they're just as gracefully-sexy today as they were raw-boned ugly 50 years ago.
As a raw-boned 26-year-old who had already been playing first-class rugby for almost a decade, Telfer made his debut for the Lions on the 1966 tour to New Zealand.
In January 1986, just before he was to head to the city to try his luck at St Kilda, raw-boned ruckman Chris Ralston took a few photos of his home ground at Osborne, in the heart of the Riverina.
Hoss moved his big, black, raw-boned horse on, steadily making higher and higher ground until he reached the line where it was too dry and windswept for the grass to grow well.
The lean and raw-boned McGrath's physical strength is matched by mental attributes.
In one corner we have rangy, raw-boned Clint Eastwood; in the other that nimble little street-fighter, Martin Scorsese.
Reitsma has a power pitcher's physique - lean and raw-boned - but he does not use it to good effect in mechanics and delivery.
His sad, raw-boned face reminded me of the boy in the film.
Sir Walter Scott gave an account of an unidentified friend who had been in Paris and discovered a ‘tall, thin, raw-boned , grim-looking old man’ with a sunburned and heavily freckled face.
Just a raw-boned , tough player who has scored 50 goals twice and gone over 200 minutes in penalties three times.