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ravish / изнасиловать, восхищать, восторгать
rape, ravish, violate, deflower, assault, interfere
marvel, delight, enrapture, ravish, bewitch, entrance
delight, ravish, enrapture, entrance
seize and carry off (someone) by force.
One night a wolf comes and kills many chickens and ravishes a lamb.
fill (someone) with intense delight; enrapture.
ravished by a sunny afternoon, she had agreed without even thinking
They are coming to kill every single man and woman with guns and knives, and to ravish our daughters and wives.
He was supposed to have kept her awake, not ravish her, not rut her like some animal.
Her language mirrors, or perhaps parodies, the conventional seduction tale - the isolated young maiden, without a loving family to guide her, falls prey to ‘the voice ‘of her ravisher who then leaves her to her fate.’
I mean, imagine, actually speaking to your daughter's ravisher .
The speaker worked his way through plunder, ravishment and seditious behavior.
All the narrative divulges to the reader is that Alec is not as ‘ruthless’ as those ancient ravishers , Tess's ancestors, taking their seigneurial rights.
Is that what you said to the daughter of Merewala when you killed her father and ravished her?
It's not surprising that they would exhume him now to serve his usual role as facilitator of GOP criminal ravishment .
Minutes later, the men were ravishing Cliona - separately at first, then together.
One night a wolf comes and kills many chickens and ravishes a lamb.