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ravioli / равиоли
имя существительное
имя существительное
small pasta envelopes containing ground meat, cheese, or vegetables.
Place ravioli in a pasta bowl and drizzle with brown butter.
The pricey menu is big on fish but there are some original ravioli and pasta creations thrown in.
There are great steaming bowls of gnocchi, troughs of ravioli , vast vats of fettuccine just how mama makes it.
I had the ravioli of four cheeses with tomato sauce, pesto and Parmesan for €13.30.
We started with an appetizer of duck ravioli which sounds scarier than it was.
They served Italian food, and they had the best cheese ravioli in town.
A ravioli of foie gras, melon and light cheese tasted like mild soap.
Arrange three ravioli per bowl and spoon some lentil soup on top.
Place a portion of the ravioli filling in the center of six of the pasta rounds and brush the edges with egg wash.
To serve, spoon some vegetables, ravioli , and saffron broth in a soup bowl and place two shad roe halves in the center.
My favorite starter was goat-cheese-and-walnut ravioli with a sherry beet sauce.