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ravenous / хищный, жадный, прожорливый
имя прилагательное
predatory, ravenous, rapacious, predaceous, predacious, raptorial
greedy, insatiable, avid, voracious, covetous, ravenous
voracious, gluttonous, ravenous, greedy, rapacious, edacious
очень голодный
ravenous, sharp-set
famished, ravenous
имя прилагательное
extremely hungry.
At that spot, they found a dead deer, still steaming, and took hungry, ravenous bites out of it.
You will develop a ravenous appetite when you're not on the bike anyway.
Mind you, I would be reluctant, to send a ravenous band of travel-worn tourists there for a late-night meal, without first having made a reservation.
That taste of carnal pleasure unleashed a ravenous appetite.
I had come off the golf course feeling ravenous , so my choices were influenced by a desire for meat, and lots of it.
Sarah and I sat in one corner of the lobby, not exactly having ravenous appetites.
Thanks to a ravenous appetite, he soon reaches 15 feet, and becomes increasingly difficult to hide.
It's the story of a ravenous caterpillar that eats so much he makes himself sick before finally transforming into a beautiful butterfly.
Mr. Numan walked in attracted by the smells of fine dinner on the table, collapsed at his chair, and ate some food like a ravenous animal.
I am secretly a ravenous animal for compliments
It is also time that we must take greater care in managing our garbage from ravenous dogs and ravens.