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ravage / опустошение, разорение, уничтожение
имя существительное
devastation, havoc, desolation, depletion, ravage, depredation
devastation, ruin, destruction, desolation, ravage, downfall
destruction, annihilation, extermination, abolition, eradication, ravage
devastate, ravage, waste, decimate, desolate, raid
ruin, ravage, devastate, break, overwhelm, flay
rob, plunder, loot, pillage, despoil, ravage
имя существительное
the severely damaging or destructive effects of something.
his face had withstood the ravages of time
cause severe and extensive damage to.
fears that a war could ravage their country
fears that a war could ravage their country
Nature repairs her ravages - repairs them with her sunshine and with human labour.
Bush was expected to arrive in Florida today to tour areas ravaged by hurricane Ivan.
Let not this age be remembered by those who will come after us as an age where killers of the innocent and ravagers of the weak reigned terror upon the world.
God may easily put an end to that mad ravager 's deeds.
Hinduism has survived the ravages of thousands of years in spite of its own inherent weaknesses.
Who, amongst us, is invulnerable to the ravages of disease?
Few expected the ravages of war, and none expected the deprivation of imprisonment.
The horrific horsemen stampeded onto the tribe as if they were the ravagers from Hell itself.
During these years, both sides ravaged the countryside in an attempt to starve the enemy.