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raunchy / грубый, похабный, похотливый
имя прилагательное
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, raunchy
bawdy, raunchy, rank
lustful, lascivious, lewd, prurient, raunchy, randy
имя прилагательное
earthy, vulgar, and often sexually explicit.
a raunchy new novel
(especially of a person or place) slovenly; grubby.
the restaurant's style is raunchy and the sanitation chancy
Stern doesn't have to be sexy or raunchy to be successful.
And, from a novice's perspective, mucking about with soil does look pretty raunchy .
I still tell raunchy jokes, but now it's for a bigger audience.
She's there to let the women in the audience know they're not crazy for being there and to set a nonthreateningly raunchy tone.
And some of the Dreaming narratives associated with these works are pretty raunchy !
Oh, and don't forget to throw in her younger brother, who wants to lose his virginity at any cost and is always quick to throw in a raunchy joke.
Explicit language makes a lot of us squirm because it's chock full of taboos: It's crude, it's naughty, it's raunchy , its real.
They'd watched a raunchy comedy and almost everyone in the audience had laughed.
In my four academic years at UW, I have seen Imprint serve up some pretty raunchy stuff.
The midnight shows let you try a more raunchy , daring, adult kind of humour.