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rattlesnake / гремучая змея
имя существительное
гремучая змея
rattlesnake, rattler
имя существительное
a heavy-bodied American pit viper with a series of horny rings on the tail that, when vibrated, produce a characteristic rattling sound as a warning.
Those were some of the most dangerous kinds of reptiles, spitting cobras, rattlesnakes , Komodo dragons.
And when they rattle, when they get alarmed, it sounds like a rattlesnake .
This girl could charm the tail off a rattlesnake .
Pit vipers, including the fer-de-lance and Mojave rattlesnake , have only two pits, one below each eye.
The boa and the rattlesnake are homebodies that seldom travel more than a couple of miles in a lifetime.
Charlie felt ill as she heard the distinctive sound of a rattlesnake .
Holding on to hurt is like grabbing a rattlesnake by the tail; you are going to be bitten.
Clark says timber rattlesnakes and other pit vipers may be the most social of all snakes.
Most rattlesnakes are peaceable, retiring animals that flee for the underbrush when they encounter humans.
Today Wyoming's Bighorn Basin, home to pronghorns and prairie dogs, coyotes and rattlesnakes , is nearly a desert.
They may be preyed upon by larger animals, such as large owls, coyotes, or large snakes, such as eastern massasauga rattlesnakes .