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rattle / погремушка, стук, грохот
имя существительное
beanbag, rattle, maraca, clack
knock, knocking, clatter, hammering, bang, rattle
riddle, screen, bolt, crash, din, rattle
rattle, thunder, boom, clatter, roll, resound
rattle, chatter, jar, rasp
chat, talk, dangle, chatter, prattle, rattle
имя существительное
a rapid succession of short, sharp, hard sounds.
the rattle of teacups on the tray
a thing used to make a rapid succession of short, sharp sounds, in particular.
Traditional musical instruments included rattles , which were prominent in ceremonies.
make or cause to make a rapid succession of short, sharp knocking sounds, typically as a result of shaking and striking repeatedly against a hard surface or object.
he rattled some change in his pocket
cause (someone) to feel nervous, worried, or irritated.
she turned quickly, rattled by his presence
These ideas are alluded to in this affable portrait by the angelic baby grasping a toy rattle while being tenderly held by its mother.
The window pane began to rattle as the rain began to pound from the heavens.
My baby woke us up every morning with the precious jingle from his silver rattle and I will always cherish that sound.
There was a rattle of wheels in the distance.
First the stupid heater developed a rattle at about 4am and woke me up.
The opposition may make negative personal comments to rattle you.
Shake their imagination like a baby's rattle .
The sound of the sea hitting the ship made it difficult to sleep and the rattle of tin dishes sounded over the groans of passengers being sick.
They could shake a rattle or something, they're no trouble at all.
he is such a rattle!