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rationalize / рационализировать, освобождать от иррациональностей
rationalize, streamline, naturalize
освобождать от иррациональностей
attempt to explain or justify (one's own or another's behavior or attitude) with logical, plausible reasons, even if these are not true or appropriate.
she couldn't rationalize her urge to return to the cottage
make (a company, process, or industry) more efficient by reorganizing it in such a way as to dispense with unnecessary personnel or equipment.
his success was due primarily to his ability to rationalize production
convert (a function or expression) to a rational form.
I don't care about rationalising denominators with surds in them, and I don't care that by using maths induction you can prove many equations to be right or wrong.
He didn't bother trying to rationalize what the sound could have been.
She could easily rationalize her actions by thinking she's working towards moving out of there.
Any attempt to justify and rationalize this is probably beside the point.
Parliament should seek to rationalize the country's court structure
his success was due primarily to his ability to rationalize production
There was the bitterness over the recruiters' deception, but they tried their best to rationalize what was happening.
GM sought to rationalize its business by eliminating brands and thus was motivated to end the Daewoo dealer network.
By generalizing the Onsager transport model we derived a set of equations that rationalize all pertinent observations.
They use all this brainpower to rationalize away problems and feelings.
Hard to believe that these people can justify and rationalize such sickening behavior!