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rationalism / рационализм
имя существительное
rationalism, rationality, rationalistic
имя существительное
a belief or theory that opinions and actions should be based on reason and knowledge rather than on religious belief or emotional response.
scientific rationalism
Scientific rationalism is grounded on normative principles and expresses a specific hierarchy of values.
Despite the advances of rationalism , a belief in the supernatural has stubbornly remained.
Often, empiricism is contrasted with rationalism , a theory which holds that the mind may apprehend some truths directly, without requiring the medium of the senses.
For 2000 years, philosophers had to choose whether they followed Plato and his rationalism , or Aristotle and his empiricism.
These women rejected their contemporaries' scientific rationalism and positivism in favour of a profound respect for local knowledges.
Contemporary historians of philosophy challenge this traditional distinction between rationalism and empiricism.
But sometimes the problem is thought to lie deeper, for example, in Kant's rationalism in moral theory and his ideas of teleology and race in anthropology.
This battle for God was an attempt to fill the void at the heart of a society based on scientific rationalism .
At the beginning of university, I was influenced by rationalism and humanism.
Western philosophy today can he characterized by three things: reductionism, rationalism and a belief in progress.