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ration / рацион, паек, порция
имя существительное
ration, commons
ration, allowance, rate, dietary
portion, serving, dose, helping, ration, feed
normalize, ration, control
выдавать паек
ration, allowance
выдавать пайки
имя существительное
a fixed amount of a commodity officially allowed to each person during a time of shortage, as in wartime.
1918 saw the bread ration reduced on two occasions
allow each person to have only a fixed amount of (a particular commodity).
shoes were rationed from 1943
Not everyone who reads an online journal wants to sit back while photos download, and a fair proportion of people have little interest in the pictures at all, preferring to have a decent ration of reading served up every day.
However, we couldn't stay long as Mrs Mungo gulped down her ration of six dry sherries far too quickly.
He states that with a ration of only two ballpoint pens each month he ‘made art’ with the ‘most banal’ of instruments.
Meanwhile the only advice it could give people was to carry on as normal - although it looks more important than ever to eat a fair ration of raw fruit and vegetables.
I think it's worth the cost because its filters have returned a ration of sanity to my mail management.
The first type, people come once a week, are weighed and measured, and receive their weekly ration .
Back in the barracks, Ivan Denisovich hides a portion of his bread ration inside his mattress.
holidaymakers who like a generous ration of activity
Sweets had gone on ration in 1939, along with sugar and most other food and clothing items.
He bursts into laughter as he recalls the time a soldier from Liverpool accidentally dropped his bread ration into the soup.