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ratio / соотношение, отношение, коэффициент
имя существительное
ratio, relation, correlation, correspondence, interrelation
ratio, relationship, respect, attitude, relation, regard
coefficient, factor, ratio, rate, index, multiplier
устанавливать соотношение
correlate, ratio
имя существительное
the quantitative relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other.
the ratio of men's jobs to women's is 8 to 1
the teacher-pupil ratio
The ratio varied in the range of 0 to 5.
the ratio of debt to equity is rising
that's a ratio of 2 to 1
Twenty repeated scans were averaged to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in each recorded image.
The simplest model assumes the same ratio for all branches in a phylogeny.
the ratio of men's jobs to women's is 8 to 1
The banks' non-performing loan ratio reached a record high of 8.09 percent in April 2002.
In contrast, the Argentine central bank's reserve ratio ranged between 193 percent and 82 percent in 2001.
A ratio higher than 1 in a product group is connected with a comparative advantage.