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rather / скорее, довольно, вернее
rather, sooner, rater, first
quite, rather, pretty, fairly, enough, reasonably
rather, rater
used to indicate one's preference in a particular matter.
would you like some wine, or would you rather stick to sherry?
to a certain or significant extent or degree.
she's been behaving rather strangely
used to precede an idea that is different or opposite to a previous statement.
There is no shortage of basic skills in the workplace. Rather, the problem is poor management
used to express emphatic affirmation, agreement, or acceptance.
“You are glad to be home, aren't you?” “Rather!”
At home, it is true that he has usually been a risk-averse leader who would rather finesse a tough choice than make it.
I felt rather tired
she'd rather die than cause a scene
Instead, stick to key points and summaries, rather than big chunks of text.
The technology, or rather the people behind it, are getting smarter.
It's left me feeling rather insecure, and slightly terrified of the future.
This again is not a factual assertion, rather a warning for the future.
I didn't care what happened to anyone and rather hoped at least someone would die a horrible death.
This is genuinely an oversight - or rather it is more a bit about everybody thinking that somebody else has done it.
It is not the kind of value people unite behind - rather , it is a recognition of difference.