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ratchet / храповик, трещотка
имя существительное
ratchet, notched wheel, ratchet-wheel
ratchet, rattle, clapper, rattler, clap, click
имя существительное
a device consisting of a bar or wheel with a set of angled teeth in which a pawl, cog, or tooth engages, allowing motion in one direction only.
A ratchet is a mechanical device that restricts movement in one direction and allows movement in the opposite direction.
a situation or process that is perceived to be deteriorating or changing steadily in a series of irreversible steps.
a one-way ratchet of expanding entitlements
operate by means of a ratchet.
The researchers aimed to use the brake to ratchet the propeller in only one direction, by executing a series of chemical reactions between blade and brake.
cause something to rise (or fall) as a step in what is perceived as a steady and irreversible process.
the Bank of Japan ratcheted up interest rates again
Instantaneously, she grabbed the ratchet and started to work, stripping the cover to the engine exhaust.
the upward ratchet of property taxes
a ratchet screwdriver
It's only in the down time that we recognize the one-way ratchet of adding to the cost of doing business.
Think of yourself as a ratchet : once you gain an inch of territory you refuse to give it back.
It means working with governments to encourage greater transparency in financial flows so that investment becomes a ratchet for wider economic development.
And another downward ratchet in wages would just about guarantee it will get worse.
That would have given each worker a stake of £100,000 or more, based on the equity ratchet , and a real incentive to drive forward shareholder value.
The hand keeps pressing against the ratchet as the hammer continues rearward.
They calculated that the electric potential inside the pore was asymmetric, shaped like a ratchet 's tooth.