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raspberry / малина, пренебрежительное фырканье
имя существительное
raspberry, razz, fence, stash
пренебрежительное фырканье
имя существительное
an edible soft fruit related to the blackberry, consisting of a cluster of reddish-pink drupelets.
Fresh soft fruits such as raspberries may be incorporated in the mixture or served with it.
the plant that yields the raspberry, forming tall, stiff, prickly stems (canes).
The borders are pretty much full of the usual sort of things: cherry trees, broom, hawthorn, raspberries , rhubarb, pyracantha, clematis, birch, and like so.
a deep reddish-pink color like that of a ripe raspberry.
a raspberry tweed jacket
a sound made with the tongue and lips in order to express derision or contempt.
Clare blew a raspberry and stood up
Chiaki blew a raspberry at him as she tried to get to shore as fast as she could.
He blew a long, loud raspberry , spraying Bob with spittle.
a raspberry tweed jacket
Hitomi continued to glare at Mer who blew a raspberry at her.
Shell pink, raspberry pink, purple, mauve and turquoise are just some of the colours that will dominate.
And when I was about to follow her, someone, or someTHING, I never wanted to see again appeared and blew a raspberry right in my face.
To make the large, high-ceilinged rooms flow together seamlessly, the designer repeated tones of sage green, raspberry red, and gold in the fabrics.
Dark berry colours will also be very popular; plum, aubergine, dark raspberry and even chocolate colours.
And it stuck its tongue out and blew a raspberry .
Werner's voice was a bit sharp; he was rattled by something almost feverish in her tone, and those twin spots of raspberry colour high on Gretina's normally sallow cheeks.