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rasp / скрежет, рашпиль, терка
имя существительное
grinding, gritting, rasp, shriek, skirr
rasp, grater
grater, float, rasp
plane, rasp, whittle, shave, adze, dub
rasp, file, rasp away, rasp off
scratch, scrape, scrub, rasp
имя существительное
a harsh, grating noise.
the rasp of the engine
a coarse file or similar metal tool with a roughened surface for scraping, filing, or rubbing down objects of metal, wood, or other hard material.
The tools used for more refined work include gouges, drills, various types of chisel, a mallet, rasps , files, and rifflers, some of which duplicate the tools used in stonecarving and modelling.
make a harsh, grating noise.
my breath rasped in my throat
scrape (something) with a rasp in order to make it smoother.
Initially, wood is rasped evenly from the length of each limb on the bow.
There was the sound of a rasp , then paper shuffling.
Steve heard the rasp of oar-locks and the faint plash of a leisurely moving boat.
Wilkes' trademark vocal sound is a dry megaphone rasp , and he alternates it with savage harmonica outbursts.
The dog-whelk's radula drills into other animals such as barnacles, while the limpet's is used to rasp algae off rock surfaces.
the rasp of the engine
You probably rasp the soles off their shoes just for fun before they know what's happening.
The harsh hiss of the rasp in her hand provided Alex a safe distraction from the world outside.
the rasp of the engine
Then the spectre began to laugh, the noise a deep, ominous rasp which snuffed out the spark of hope that had briefly lit Robert's soul.
Even in the noise of the club, Søren could hear the tell-tale rasp in her voice from too many cigarettes.