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rash / сыпь, кожная сыпь, экзантема
имя существительное
rash, eruption, morbilli
кожная сыпь
rash, exanthema, efflorescence
exanthema, rash
имя прилагательное
reckless, rash, heady, hasty, inconsiderate, imprudent
impetuous, sweeping, rash, sudden, dashing, darting
rash, thoughtless, hasty, inconsiderate, injudicious, wild
имя прилагательное
displaying or proceeding from a lack of careful consideration of the possible consequences of an action.
it would be extremely rash to make such an assumption
имя существительное
an area of reddening of a person's skin, sometimes with raised spots, appearing especially as a result of allergy or illness.
In a few cases, major skin rashes appeared 12-24 hr following exposure.
Nettle rash can also be treated by applying a drop or two of eucalyptus oil to the affected area.
The run-up to the 30th anniversary produced a rash of new revelations and bitter polemics.
Although there is no way to cure a poison ivy rash , you can ease the discomfort.
You might get a little road rash on you arms.
The rash appears because part of the immune system is overly sensitive to irritation.
The rash of school shootings in recent months has drawn national attention to this problem.
a red itchy rash appeared on her legs
I usually restrain myself from making such a rash move, but it's not easy.
Everyone discusses their hotels and makes rash predictions for the best pavilions.
You are infectious from about two days before the rash appears until roughly five days after.