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rarity / редкость, раритет, редкое явление
имя существительное
rarity, scarcity, rareness, curiosity, museum piece
редкое явление
имя существительное
the state or quality of being rare.
the rarity of the condition
Our guest of honour is that biological rarity , a hereditary peer who has attained high distinction.
Notwithstanding their apparent rarity in physics, such space/time structures are much more common in our global society.
Opera North tries to breathe life into a Kurt Weill rarity , and almost succeeds, says Hugh Canning
I think most Iraqis love the rain because it is a relative rarity in our dry part of the world.
One way to make a statement about the comparative rarity of a vehicle is through the use of exterior paint.
They had once covered the land, but they became a rarity amongst the people.
the rarity of the condition
More sampling, more copyright infringement, and more extreme rarity .
The latest Old Firm encounter is that relative rarity : a one-day wonder.
Gemstones are minerals esteemed for their qualities of beauty, durability, and rarity .