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raring / нетерпеливость
имя существительное
raring, restlessness, petulance
имя прилагательное
полный рвения
имя прилагательное
very enthusiastic and eager to do something.
she was raring to get back to her work
Ever since the announcement, she has been excited and is raring to go.
I did nine shows there and I was in great shape, so I'm raring to get out there.
The most creative inventions will be recognised in the global event and the participants from Chennai are raring to go.
You'll be wide awake and raring to go once the lifts open.
Foot-and-mouth disease meant practically no contact with animals last year, so children will be raring to make animal mates.
Assembled at Bullpot Farm was a fine team of individuals all ready and raring to go.
A gulf War veteran said troops would be ready and raring to go if there is another conflict.
Now I am fit and raring to go, ready to give it my all against New Zealand at Ewood Park on Saturday.
Mrs Withington's nephews and nieces, who have children aged from 12 to 20, are raring to go too.
Whitehead was satisfied with her own performance because she was just returning from injury but now she is back to full fitness and raring to go.