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rarefied / разреженный
имя прилагательное
rarefied, thin, tenuous, rare, expanded, disperse
имя прилагательное
(of air, especially that at high altitudes) of lower pressure than usual; thin.
Denver's rarefied air adds about 10 percent to the length of fly balls, making extra base hits too easy.
distant from the lives and concerns of ordinary people.
debates about the nature of knowledge can seem very rarefied
The Moon has no atmosphere; the Martian atmosphere is highly rarefied .
The rarefied air requires a mandatory period of two or three days enforced rest on arrival in order to ward off headaches and mountain sickness.
At 4900m Konzke La is the highest point of this trail; all but the fittest puff and pant in such rarefied air.
Thousands of feet above sea level, the air is clear but rarefied .
She portrays him as an outsider in the rarefied academic atmosphere of Oxford university.
She did not seem to like the rarefied atmosphere over the Atlantic and proceeded to drop her oxygen level to 30% on a regular basis.
Being 1,200 m above sea level, the climate is ideal for temperate fruits and vegetables which, like the people in the area, thrive on the somewhat rarefied air and the misty surroundings.
To sustain this kind of stamina, they are exquisitely adapted to the rarefied mountain air of their high-altitude stomping grounds.
Naturally I sat up to see what has been happening in the rarefied atmosphere of academia.
Early attempts on the summit failed because of equipment and inexperience, but mainly because the rarefied air at altitude contains just a third of the oxygen of air at sea level.