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raptor / raptor
predator, lizard
пернатый хищник
feathered predator
имя существительное
a bird of prey, e.g., an eagle, hawk, falcon, or owl.
They have also been known to steal prey from other raptors and to eat fresh carrion.
And far from being a nasty raptor , the barn owl is ecologically important for natural rodent control.
The first room in the Creation Museum will show paleontologists digging up a dinosaur raptor .
No creature was spared, from the largest sauropod to the smallest raptor .
It was an unfamiliar raptor , lacking the obvious field marks of the usual hawks.
During a mass emergence of periodical cicadas, almost any animal, from raccoons to raptors , will prey on them.
We didn't see it, but we caught a glimpse of another one of our favorite raptors , the Northern Harrier.
Similarly shaped raptors , such as peregrine falcons and goshawks, are adept at the agile pursuit and rapid capture of birds in flight.
Hawks and other raptors may dominate discussion in the fall, but this winter, birders are talking about owls.
Bird watcher Al Grass says waterfowl, raptors and songbirds can be spotted at Maplewood Flats because it is a critical wintering habitat for many species of birds.
Dinosaurs great and small would have been eating the vegetation - or each other - including the raptors .