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rapt / восхищенный, увлеченный, восторженный
имя прилагательное
admiring, delighted, rapt, rapturous
enthusiastic, rapt, engrossed
enthusiastic, rapturous, ecstatic, rapt, rhapsodic, rhapsodical
absorbed, engrossed, engaged, immersed, rapt, deep
kidnapped, rapt
имя прилагательное
completely fascinated by what one is seeing or hearing.
Andrew looked at her, rapt
having been carried away bodily or transported to heaven.
he was rapt on high
Two interjections from the rapt audience render the visiting 28-year-old former pupil particularly speechless.
But though this suggests how little Gabriel understands his wife's rapt attention, we do not need to know that in this sequence.
It was also reported that you spent the earlier part of the afternoon singing for your preschool mates, who stood in rapt attention around you.
Jimmy Hamilton, a boyish man who celebrated his 80th birthday the previous day, is recounting to me a tale of bravery from the middle years of the last century and I'm rapt .
About 800 children drawn from various schools listened in rapt attention and went home with material on traffic rules and regulations.
The audience is rapt , breaking several times into appreciative applause.
The children listened with rapt attention to the old storyteller as he captivated their minds with a tale from his past - one that Adam himself knew a good deal about.
The God whom Paul found was not rapt with pleasure when looking on people observing the Law, as the Pharisees would have expected.
She stood, rapt , saturated in melodic emotion, more affected by it than she could have believed.
Adults are rapt and absorbed pupils, far more dedicated students than are most kids.