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rapier / рапира
имя существительное
rapier, foil, smallsword, sword, dueling sword
имя существительное
a thin, light, sharp-pointed sword used for thrusting.
In the scuffle, they exchange rapiers and Hamlet slices Laertes with the venomous weapon.
Webb's sharp script is laced with a rapier wit that is blacker than the Dark Ages.
I may have to move to the United States to battle these people with my rapier wit and rugged good looks.
Anyway, I'll try again tonight to come up with some devastatingly clever pun that befits my rapier wit.
rapier wit
He also has a rapier wit and a refined taste for red wine and sweet revenge.
But at least the liner notes are comprehensive, informative and packed with Fat Mike's rapier wit.
We secretly congratulate ourselves on our rapier wit and acid tongues as assorted revellers attempt to jump the queue.
rapier wit
It has been blessed with the honor of hosting my new web site and you, my loving fans, have been blessed with my rapier wit and timely sense of humor for at least a day.
The first part of Palladini's work is devoted solely to the use of the single sword or rapier .