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rapid-fire / скорострельный
имя прилагательное
quick-firing, rapid-fire, quick-fire
имя прилагательное
(especially of something said in dialogue or done in a sequence) unhesitating and rapid.
a rapid-fire exchange of questions and answers
The popular game show features eight contestants teaming together for seven rounds to answer rapid-fire questions.
Mounted above the missile bays were rapid-fire laser cannons that Mark had added himself, as well as the plasma cannons on the wingtips.
Instead he has the characters constantly moving between the various rooms, while spouting rapid-fire dialogue.
And the rapid-fire questions were what surprised me.
They have maintained that those recruits with multiple gunshot wounds were using rapid-fire rifles.
She paused for a moment, as if gathering her breath for another onslaught of rapid-fire questions.
While we don't yet know what weapon was used in this tragedy, we do know that rapid-fire assault weapons are designed for this type of terrible assault.
They only had these rapid-fire cannons as weapons.
An industry group ran a massive ad campaign touting the new technology with a rapid-fire montage of children and farms against a backdrop of swelling music.
Unlike most other zombie novels, rapid-fire guns and over the top explosions aren't the best ways to deal with this problem.