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rape / изнасилование, рапс, похищение
имя существительное
rape, assault, violation, ravishment
rape, colza
abduction, rape, ravishment, rapture, rapine
rape, ravish, violate, deflower, assault, interfere
rape, force, violate, ravish, do violence to, outrage
rape, violate, commit acts of violence
имя существительное
the crime, typically committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will.
he denied two charges of attempted rape
the wanton destruction or spoiling of a place or area.
the rape of the Russian countryside
a plant of the cabbage family with bright yellow, heavily scented flowers, especially a variety ( oilseed rape ) grown for its oil-rich seed and as stockfeed.
They were back in the country, surrounded by fields of bright yellow oilseed rape .
the stalks and skins of grapes left after winemaking, used in making vinegar.
(in the UK) any of the six ancient divisions of Sussex.
Their equivalents in the Danelaw were wapen-takes, in Kent lathes, in Yorkshire ridings, and in Sussex rapes .
(typically of a man) force (another person) to have sexual intercourse with the offender against their will.
the woman was raped at knifepoint
spoil or destroy (a place).
the timber industry is raping the land
he denied two charges of rape
the rape of the countryside
he denied two charges of attempted rape
the rape of the Russian countryside
he pleaded not guilty to burglary with intent to rape
a rape victim
The former arable area has been re-focused to give a more 21st century feel and will include demonstration crops such as oilseed rape grown for bio-diesel fuel.
People should not have to attempt to push their way through knee-high wheat or oilseed rape .
It studies the effects of growing modified maize, potatoes and oilseed rape commercially on farms.
The very warm and dry conditions had seen half of lowland winter barley crops harvested with winter oilseed rape not far behind.