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ransack / грабить, обыскивать, искать
rob, plunder, loot, pillage, despoil, ransack
search, ransack, frisk, rummage, go through, seek through
search, seek, look for, seek out, look up, ransack
имя существительное
тщательный обыск
perquisition, ransack
robbery, looting, plunder, pillage, plundering, ransack
go hurriedly through (a place) stealing things and causing damage.
burglars ransacked her home
The judge isn't going to ransack the prosecutor's file drawers and hand over to the defense copies of all the evidence the judge thinks is exculpatory.
Police would come and search private houses of the members and ransack the whole lot.
If you need flowers or a bouquet the next time, you don't need to ransack your cupboard to search for the misplaced telephone index or that huge telephone directory to search for a bouquet shop phone number.
The rogues ransack the place in search of a treasure map, carting the women, including feisty Violet Miranda, onto a ship run by the dastardly but suave Captain Calico Jack.
The soldiers dismount and secure the area and with little warning, kick in the door, roust the residents out of the house, and search and ransack the home.
It's unusual for someone to strike like this during the day and to ransack the place in such a disturbing way.
He begins to ransack the apartment, searching through drawers and cabinets.
He is forced to sign a ‘Permission for Search’ which allows Ford detectives to ransack his home.
The gunmen realized that in order to look for the money, they would have to ransack the whole place and kill to get everyone of the way.
The thieves ransacked the living room but only stole a small amount of jewellery.