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ranking / ранжирование, расстановка, расположение
имя существительное
ranging, ranking
arrangement, ranking, disposal, collocation
disposition, arrangement, position, layout, propensity, ranking
имя прилагательное
ranking, over, of higher rank
имя прилагательное
having a specified rank in a hierarchy.
high-ranking army officers
имя существительное
a position in a scale of achievement or status; a classification.
his number-one world ranking
give (someone or something) a rank or place within a grading system.
rank them in order of preference
arrange in a rank or ranks.
the tents were ranked in orderly rows
That community may desire competitive ranking of scholarship rather than benchmarking of quality.
Snooker has received a major shot in the arm with the announcement of a new sponsorship deal for the game's second most important ranking event.
He's the ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee.
He's the ranking Democrat on the judicial committee, which will get a first crack at this nomination.
Millions of visitors are expected to travel to China for the Olympics, including high ranking U. S. officials.
He did the best that could be done, and the course now ranks 11 th in Golf Digest's ranking of courses in Georgia.
For more details on how the industry is reshaping, refer to DF's 2002 ranking of dairy processors.
A ranking official sued sued the authors, accusing them of libel, in his home county court.
The process of valuation and ranking obviously assumes the work, and implications, of a canon.
Even the lowest ranking soldier could maintain a stable of miniscule steeds.