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rangy / стройный, длинноногий, мускулистый
имя прилагательное
slim, slender, shapely, svelte, rangy, gracile
leggy, rangy
muscular, brawny, beefy, sinewy, rangy, nervy
имя прилагательное
(of a person or animal) tall and slim with long, slender limbs.
The dark, rangy man behind the table stared the slender figure before him up and down.
(of land) having a large, open range.
the rangy, hard, scruffy frontier
The tall, rangy Patrick moved over to the table where Chris, James and Jenni were talking, and dropped his phenomenally heavy bag onto the floor with a thump that the secretaries one floor below heard.
There was a sudden rustling in the trees and a dog, tall and rangy and beautiful, loped out.
And he pointed to a sofa, on which sat a tall, rangy , square-jawed blonde holding a glass of warm vodka.
The dark, rangy man behind the table stared the slender figure before him up and down.
Murphy, another rangy actor, with big doughy eyes, is every bit the soft centre in a hard shell.
A lean, rangy old cowboy with a lined and seamed face, he frequented a beer joint on the edge of town known colloquially as the Bloody Bucket.
But it was the rangy figure of Kamathi who did just that by seizing the initiative from 200m out.
The man was several inches taller than Russell, with the typical broad shoulders and rangy build of a professional seaman.
One dancer was rangy and goofy; another mischievous and full-bodied; another possessed.
He has the lanky, rangy build of a classic power pitcher.