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ranger / рейнджер, лесничий, странник
имя существительное
forester, ranger, woodward
wanderer, pilgrim, wayfarer, nomad, ranger, rover
имя существительное
a keeper of a park, forest, or area of countryside.
That was not a secret in the city, and the police and park rangers turned a blind eye.
a member of a body of armed men, in particular.
Hundreds of police and paramilitary rangers were deployed at key installations.
a person or thing that wanders or ranges over a particular area or domain.
rangers of the mountains
имя существительное
a series of nine American moon probes launched between 1961 and 1965, the last three of which took many photographs before crashing into the moon.
From Chicago, we are joined now by retired Brigadier General David Grange, who during his 30-year military career, served as a ranger and a green beret.
Follow this uphill for about a mile before turning left along a minor lane that leads to the car park by the ranger 's office and toilets.
During her visit to the camp, President McAleese laid a wreath in honour of Sergeant Derek Mooney, the army ranger who died in a car crash in Liberia last year.
Most students were restless while the park ranger explained about the animals in the area.
Army ranger Lt. Colonel Mucci stars as a young officer handpicked by MacArthur to lead the raid.
Putnam's service as a ranger , his capture and torture by Indians, his shipwreck and exploits during the British invasion of Cuba won him military laurels.
He led officers on a chase and crashed into a park ranger 's car on Golf Links Road in East Oakland.
A passer-by made a desperate attempt to locate the boys, followed by a park ranger and a police officer who was on the scene within about five minutes.
Frank Pickles has been a park ranger with the North York Moors National Parks Authority for 12 years.
He said he was questioned over an alleged incident between him and a Lake District National Park Authority ranger .