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rancour / злоба, озлобленность, злопамятность
имя существительное
malice, spite, rancor, venom, malevolence, despite
spite, exasperation, rancor, rancour
rancor, rancour
имя существительное
bitterness or resentfulness, especially when long-standing.
he spoke without rancor
Mr Abbas, however, said this episode should not lead to any rancour in the hearts of the people in the two countries.
Deosaran's motion was delivered with passion, without rancour , and stuck mainly to the facts.
But the debates were good ones and, on the whole, discussions were held without rancour or venom.
In fact, this is a work largely without rancour .
When differing versions of that line come into conflict, the result can be rancour , frustration, and political cynicism.
Today, he still rejoices in his success but bears no rancour against those who delayed the day of his vindication.
An assessment free of Cold War rancour is now possible.
he spoke without rancour
Hence, they can deal with the forces of globalisation without rancour and adapt with a sense of cultural pride and confidence.
Recently the has rancour subsided except among conservative Evangelicals.