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ranch / ранчо, ферма, крупное фермерское хозяйство
имя существительное
farm, girder, ranch, homestead, framework, grange
крупное фермерское хозяйство
заниматься скотоводством
жить на ферме
имя существительное
a large farm, especially in the western US and Canada, where cattle or other animals are bred and raised.
Most of them are being raised like cattle on big ranches to provide beef for buffalo burgers.
run a ranch.
cattle ranching
a beef cattle ranch
Farmers fatten livestock for the market so why don't fishermen ranch fish?
Finally, avoid dipping sauces such as ranch or blue-cheese dressing.
Eyes brightening, Adam envisioned the relief and joy on his father's face when he arrived back at the ranch with the missing cattle in tow.
Small ranchers in northern New Mexico pay to graze 1 to 25 cattle per ranch in this oasis all summer.
Most have moved tremendous numbers of cattle from one ranch to another rather than selling off herds for slaughter.
Later, he would join them riding, roping and wrangling cattle on the ranch .
A herd of Texas Longhorn cattle will adorn the ranch .
Cut up crisp vegetable sticks with dipping sauce - ranch , peanut, sweet chili or tomato.
On the ranch or feed lot, this may not be all that difficult, particularly in smaller herds.