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ramrod / шомпол, пробойник, прибойник
имя существительное
ramrod, rammer
punch, piercer, mandrel, pin, puncher, ramrod
ramrod, rammer
имя существительное
a rod for ramming down the charge of a muzzleloading firearm.
Raven now withdrew a metal ramrod that was set beneath the metal tube, and stared at it.
force a proposed measure to be accepted or completed quickly.
they ramrodded through legislation voiding the court injunctions
he was ramrod for the construction of the Apollo command module
Every time he appeared on screen, with his ramrod straight posture and gaze of steel, my friends and I would burst out laughing.
Two brown-finish thimbles under the barrel secure the wooden ramrod .
He handed over his passport to the ramrod stiff guard in the booth and waited.
This produces enough tension to keep the ramrod from wiggling around and cancels the tendency to come loose from the barrel groove under recoil.
Her body was ramrod straight, stiff with tension.
This lever is hollow to house the shot barrel ramrod , which generally lands on the ground.
With his ramrod posture and off-the-cuff New York delivery, Dean did not meet that need.
Contemporary drill manuals dictated twenty separate steps to load and fire the Bess, including five just to replace the ramrod .
The magazine that was in my hand flew from my hand and up I stood like a ramrod and trampled out into the stairwell.