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rampant / безудержный, угрожающий, неистовый
имя прилагательное
rampant, headlong, irrestrainable, lickety-split
threatening, menacing, ominous, rampant, critical, minatory
violent, outrageous, frantic, frenetic, berserk, rampant
имя существительное
парапетная стенка
ползучая арка
имя прилагательное
(especially of something unwelcome or unpleasant) flourishing or spreading unchecked.
political violence was rampant
(of an animal) represented standing on one hind foot with its forefeet in the air (typically in profile, facing the dexter (left) side, with right hind foot and tail raised, unless otherwise specified).
two gold lions rampant
(of an arch) springing from a level of support at one height and resting on the other support at a higher level.
It is also suffering from rampant inflation, resulting in strikes, protests and the collapse of business investments.
In his eyes, to improve the situation, effective control over the rampant exaggeration contained in advertisements for sex products was necessary.
Now the dome was restored to its original purple, and the gold rampant horse reared above it.
For ground cover, nothing is more rampant than my favourite edible plant, the scrambling and climbing Tropaeolum, also known as nasturtium.
White on 55 minutes and Hall on 87 minutes left their mark but it was a rampant second half performance that saw the home side sweep Croydon away, almost with the outgoing tide.
This could be accounted for by his being credited with reducing rampant inflation through a shock of strict monetary policies.
At first the deficit was partly masked by rampant inflation and partly also set off against the money coming in from privatizations.
Although they can be controlled by hard pruning after the flowers have faded, it might be better to plant something less rampant in the first place.
Make sure, though, that you have room to grow them: Wisterias are vigorous, even rampant growers.
In Salient issue 15, you may have read about how somebody ruined their life with the excesses of rampant sex and drugs, and to be honest it does happen.