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ramp / скат, трап, аппарель
имя существительное
slope, ramp, stingray, chute, skate, ray
ladder, ramp, stairs, trap, gangplank
ramp, ferry-bridge
rush, fling, swoop, plunge, dash, ramp
threaten, menace, overhang, hang over, denounce, ramp
rampage, rage, rave, tear, ramp, be on the rampage
имя существительное
a slope or inclined plane for joining two different levels, as at the entrance or between floors of a building.
a wheelchair ramp
an upward bend in a stair rail.
an electrical waveform in which the voltage increases or decreases linearly with time.
During the phase ramp , fringing field effects smooth the phase profile.
provide or build (something) with a ramp.
It is our firm opinion, on grounds of public safety, a ramped footbridge should be provided at this location.
(of an animal) rear up on its hind legs in a threatening posture.
(of an electrical waveform) increase or decrease voltage linearly with time.
The gels were run for 20 hours using switch times of 5 to 45 seconds ramped in a linear fashion.
The buildings began to thin out as they left the industrial sector of the city and entered onto a ramp that would take them to the freeway and towards Chris's house.
He jumped down the ramp two steps at a time, and took a few quick steps toward the airport before checking himself and turning around.
the company has moved into new quarters in order to ramp up production
It depicted a Jaguar, facing the exit ramp of the Main Street bridge.
They would also like to see the playground levelled and a ramp installed.
Michelle rolled my wheelchair up the ramp on the stage, and I got to the microphone.
The exit ramp from the motorway took me down to a set of lights, sadly however it took everyone else down too and a queue of vehicles was waiting to get through the lights.
He got into the left turning lane and drove onto the on ramp and onto the freeway.
The tree provides structural support for the ramp and platform through the use of a cable, arch, and railing suspension system.
It had gotten dark early and the wind was howling and the rain was pouring as he mounted the ramp to the freeway that would take him home.