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ramify / разветвляться, раскидывать ветви, разветвиться
branch, bifurcate, ramify, fork, divaricate
раскидывать ветви
branch, ramify
form branches or offshoots; spread or branch out.
an elaborate system of canals was built, ramifying throughout Britain
This is because the organization of the economy has a series of effects which ramify through the society.
The weblike character of the text means that each datum will ramify in implications throughout.
Some sources say that the ties linking the two families were deep and ramified .
Highly ramified issues of land ownership are confounding attempts either to relocate villages or to rebuild in the same places.
It ramifies almost from the base, can grow 1-3 m high and may reach 3 m in diameter.
Frequently, the sewerage, water supply, as well as heat supply system is a concealed but quite ramified network existing several meters below the earth surface.
It is hard to trace Steve's contributions in a linear fashion, because his work has ramified in so many directions.
It then ramifies , or grows in a similar manner to a root system through the host, centering on the digestive system.
This makes it possible to build a sufficiently ramified network with the use of a variety of special devices.
The first three parts of the book, up to page 116, lay the groundwork, drawing on psychology, sociology, and anthropology to elaborate the incredibly rich and ramified concept of the trickster and its relation to the paranormal.