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ramification / ветвление, разветвление, ответвление
имя существительное
ramification, bifurcation, embranchment, crotch, divarication
branching, bifurcation, ramification, fork, crotch, embranchment
branch, offshoot, tap, arm, fork, ramification
имя существительное
a consequence of an action or event, especially when complex or unwelcome.
any change is bound to have legal ramifications
His core concept was ramification , meaning the likelihood that co-operation in one sector would lead governments to extend the range of collaboration across other sectors.
a coronary angiogram showed ramification of the right coronary artery close to the ostium
If true, it is a deadly serious issue with ramifications that should send chills up the spine.
In short, the conventional passage of time has no bearing on the ramifications of historical events.
These issues have ramifications far beyond the loss of cash by more than a million families.
The description of the legal ramifications of the treaty varies with the audience.
One can only imagine what legal ramifications there may be to such a finding.
Many of us are still simply dismayed by recent events and troubled by their international ramifications .
The outcome will have widespread ramifications for business as well as for the rest of society.
The ramifications of not having legal protections for a family can be many.