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ramekin / порционный горшочек
имя существительное
порционный горшочек
имя существительное
a small dish for baking and serving an individual portion of food.
Divide the mixture between the ramekins and push a truffle deep into the centre of each.
Ease the star, butter-side down, over the back of an up-turned individual metal tart tin or ramekin , the star points facing up.
A thick and tender petite strip steak comes with basic fluffy scrambled eggs, crisp roasted new potatoes and a ramekin of rich tomato-tinged Béarnaise.
Then there was a ramekin of lemony aubergine pate which was, in truth, more of a dip and tasted of red pepper rather than aubergine.
A ramekin of caviar-topped whipped urchin appears without asking.
The next morning, in a small ramekin , I mixed in some lime zest and added some more, cold, coconut milk because the rice had sucked up all the moisture.
The Irish black tea is hot and strong, the homemade raisin scones warm and airy, served with a heaping ramekin of clotted cream.
It was beautifully served in a terrine, along with toasted slices of bread and a small ramekin of creamed lentils.
I placed the ramekin in an ovenproof dish and the poured water into the dish up to a level half way up the ramekin , before popping it into the preheated oven.
The mixture is now ready to be poured into the ramekins .
Line a pudding basin or individual ramekins with cling-film, and then line the mould with the soaked bread, ensuring there are no gaps.