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rambling / бессвязный, бродячий, хаотичный
имя прилагательное
rambling, incoherent, disconnected, scrappy, unconnected, delirious
wandering, roving, vagrant, strolling, vagabond, rambling
chaotic, rambling, shambolic, undigested
messy, disorderly, random, erratic, indiscriminate, rambling
имя прилагательное
(of writing or speech) lengthy and confused or inconsequential.
It's tough reading through rambling speeches, but he has some worthy food for thought.
(of a plant) putting out long shoots and growing over walls or other plants; climbing.
rambling roses
walk for pleasure, typically without a definite route.
Surely we should be able to walk our dogs or simply ramble along in safety and in peace to enjoy the views and healthy exercise?
talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way.
he rambled on about his acting career
After the war the rambling building was turned into an hotel by the Ferruccio family.
I want the transcripts to be a reasonably accurate record insofar as that's possible: however, I'm amazed by how incoherent and rambling I appear to have been.
The owners, Gregory and Celeste Shade, bought the huge, rambling house on Brookover Street more or less on a whim.
Evacuated in wartime to the rambling country house of kindly Professor Kirk, they can't resist exploring its huge stairways.
Though he wasn't trying to delay congressional action, his rambling speech had that effect.
Although in poor condition, refurbishment has already begun on this rambling residence.
They renovated the dilapidated and rambling buildings as much as they could afford to and began to update the studio's ageing equipment.
The previous campus home for the arts program was a series of rambling barns.
King himself made what some present described as a rambling speech.
That all changed with The Surgeon of Crowthorne, the gently rambling tale of the writing of the Oxford English Dictionary's first edition.