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rambler / бродяга, праздношатающийся, ползучее растение
имя существительное
tramp, stroller, vagabond, vagrant, hobo, rambler
runabout, rambler, gadabout
ползучее растение
creeper, runner, crawler, rambler, groundling
имя существительное
a person who walks for pleasure, especially in the countryside.
Together they shared a love of the countryside and were keen ramblers and fell walkers.
a straggling or climbing rose.
The vigorous climbers known as ramblers that flower in the spring only may be pruned after flowering.
Our chosen walk is perfect for the inexperienced rambler as it is pretty much straight, with no map needed.
A rambler had left the footpath for a picnic, despite signs saying ‘Please remain on the footpath’.
Trevor's close shave unfolded on August 17 when he and fellow Croydon ramblers were walking along the banks of the River Arun when he was stung twice by a hornet.
Gates in a roadside fence enable residents to cross to Dibden Inclosure, which is popular with joggers, ramblers and dog walkers.
The pub is very popular with tourists, ramblers and with boaters on the canal, which runs just yards from the 190-year-old building.
Ecologist Pete Guest takes ramblers on a Wandle Park wildlife walk at 1pm on Sunday, March 16, which will also visit the Wandle meadow.
There have been sightings of the boys in the Northwich and Cuddington areas and police are appealing to landowners, walkers and ramblers to help track them down.
Officers are appealing to ramblers , dog walkers and joggers to be their ‘eyes and ears’ and help them track down those responsible.
The land the ramblers walked across yesterday is owned by water company United Utilities.
The act gives ramblers the right to walk freely across mapped areas of open country, including mountains, moors and registered common land.