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ram / баран, таран, плунжер
имя существительное
ram, sheep, mutton
ram, battering ram
plunger, ram, piston
ram, tramp, tramp down
имя существительное
an uncastrated male sheep.
Mr Watkinson, from Constable Burton, near Leyburn, won best male with his aged ram .
a hydraulic water-raising or lifting machine.
Burnside Autocyl Ltd, Tullow is a European leader in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and rams .
roughly force (something) into place.
he rammed his stick into the ground
random-access memory.
The crows began to ram into the car trying to get inside.
The Virginia carried ten major guns (four in each broadside, one bow and one stern gun) and an iron ram .
Sunday's referendum to ram through a new constitution
A shearling ram shown by Tom Davies, of Pinvin, was champion male and reserve supreme.
The man stole two cars, smashed into two vehicles, attempted to ram Garda patrol cars, reversed back into a Garda motorcyclist and attempted to hijack another car before being captured.
They all go home after killing a ram and renaming the mountain.
Whereas the Turks still favoured ramming, the Christian galleys had large guns pointing forward above the ram , and were well protected against the Turkish arrows.
In the ensuing sea chase, the trawler collided with another French fishing boat, tried to ram HMS Alderney, and eventually hit the warship while cutting across her bows.
Its bronze ram could smash enemy ships and armed soldiers could leap aboard a foe's vessel in hand-to-hand combat with spears and swords.
The view of my trunk blocked the view of the RV for the moment, but I knew it would ram into my car again if I didn't get over.