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rake / грабли, повеса, скребок
имя существительное
rake, raker
rake, scapegrace, playboy, Lothario, roue, prodigal
scraper, scratcher, scrubber, rake, doctor, knife
rake, rake in, rake up, rake level, rake clean, pull in
shovel, rake, rake up, scoop up, bank, shovel in
имя существительное
an implement consisting of a pole with a crossbar toothed like a comb at the end, or with several tines held together by a crosspiece, used especially for drawing together cut grass or fallen leaves, or smoothing loose soil or gravel.
Moving the soil surface with a rake in winter will expose many slugs and their eggs to frost damage.
a fashionable or wealthy man of dissolute or promiscuous habits.
His brother, after living the dissolute life of a rake , had fled England at the end of the war to escape his debts.
the angle at which a thing slopes.
To do this, cut 6 inches off the first shingle of the second course at the rake of the slope.
the angle of the edge or face of a cutting tool.
collect, gather, or move with a rake or similar implement.
they started raking up hay
set (something, especially a stage or the floor of an auditorium) at a sloping angle.
The prologue opened with a stark black, steeply raked stage with just a chair for Swallow.
Ed Stoppard makes Harry a benevolent rake who throws himself at the absurdly coquettish widow for the sake of her £50,000.
But it comes away pretty easily if you go at them with a sturdy rake .
Nina decided to rake through the drawers
To do this, cut 6 inches off the first shingle of the second course at the rake of the slope.
Use a tarp to collect trimmings or a rake to clean up afterward.
He placed his bag down on the dark ground and began to rake through it.
Before planting, loosen the soil with a rake or hoe.
To prepare a surface for planting, use a flat-head rake to clear away pebbles and other debris and to smooth out terrain.
Work in small sections, and then remove the debris with a rake .
Nowadays, women think that they cannot so much as rake a few leaves without adorning themselves in a pair of pants.