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raise / повышение, подъем, увеличение
имя существительное
rise, raise, rising, elevation, hike, advance
rise, lifting, lift, climb, ascent, raise
increase, magnification, enlargement, growth, rise, raise
lift, raise, up, pick up, put up, bring up
raise, enhance, boost, up, promote, elevate
educate, bring up, raise, nurture, foster, train
имя существительное
an increase in salary.
he wants a raise and some perks
(in poker or brag) an increase in a stake.
It is usual to agree, before the start of the game, a limit for bets and raises in the poker stage.
an act of lifting or raising a part of the body while holding a weight.
bent-over raises
lift or move to a higher position or level.
she raised both arms above her head
increase the amount, level, or strength of.
the bank raised interest rates
cause to occur or be considered.
the alarm was raised when he failed to return home
collect, levy, or bring together (money or resources).
she was attempting to raise $20,000
bring up (a child).
he was born and raised in San Francisco
we need to raise the standard of teaching
he had to raise his voice to make himself heard
to raise productivity
Conversely, if workers want a raise , they're going to have to fight for it.
raise up the stand
Read has been active for 23 years and aims to raise the quality of education and increase the literacy rate in South Africa.
If you don't live where citrus grows outdoors, you can raise plants in containers in greenhouses or solariums.
He was part of a diving group that were using inflatable equipment to raise a boat which had gone down earlier.
Added to selective breeding is another step, another human act, that of using yeast to raise the bread or ferment the wine.
However carried away you get, don't raise your arms above your head.