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rainstorm / ливень с ураганом
имя существительное
ливень с ураганом
имя существительное
a storm with heavy rain.
El Nino will lead to abnormal weather and the increase of tropical cyclones will bring more rainstorms to the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
It was very sunny outside, but to the very west end of the town were dark clouds and a heavy rainstorm .
After one week a heavy rainstorm washed away some of the plantlets that were not firmly rooted at that time.
The plaintiff was the owner of adjoining land which was flooded when the pipe became blocked by debris after a heavy rainstorm .
His first surprise came when he stepped down from his car in the middle of a heavy rainstorm .
I was actually sheltered during a heavy rainstorm in a stone manor house belonging to a buccaneer.
As if on cue the heavens opened, a heavy rainstorm hit us, and visibility dropped to no more than one or two cars ahead and behind.
The first of the two test sessions ran on a track that started very wet after a heavy rainstorm and only dried slightly.
Tuesday's session was slightly delayed after a heavy rainstorm caused some flooding and running water in several areas of the circuit.
Many treatments require reapplication every 4 to 6 weeks and after heavy rainstorms .
Severe flash flood watches remain in effect in and around Las Vegas after heavy rainstorms .