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rainproof / непромокаемый, непроницаемый для дождя
имя прилагательное
waterproof, impermeable, rainproof, raintight, impenetrable, showerproof
непроницаемый для дождя
rainproof, raintight
имя прилагательное
(especially of a building or garment) impervious to rain.
a rainproof coat
Be sure to wear suitable rainproof clothing.
This guy would be good in a crisis, the kind of mate who could fashion a rainproof shelter and a meal for four from nothing but roadkill and a ball of twine.
Thirteen years later, in 1989, she had a rainproof house, her two children were in school and she had diverse income streams, both constant and seasonal - bamboo weaving, livestock, vegetable gardening.
The State Government refused even to construct rainproof shelters in the camps and starved them of food supplies.
Be sure to bring enough food and water to sustain oneself and wear suitable rainproof clothing.
A warm, rainproof jacket and sturdy, comfortable walking shoes are a must.
There are rainproof bags for stormy days, sturdy totes for the beach, delicate fabrics for evening, and squashy shoulder bags for casual wear.
This is nasty rain, where an umbrella or full on rainproof outerwear is required, and the first 8 inches of your pant legs will get wet.
Tomoko strode happily and grinned as she walked up to her bike, covered with an old withered rainproof blanket.
Those participating should wear suitable rainproof clothing and footwear.