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rainfall / количество осадков, ливень
имя существительное
количество осадков
shower, downpour, rainfall, cloudburst, deluge, torrent
имя существительное
the fall of rain.
The officials said that if the plum rains bring disappointing rainfalls in the south, leaving farmland fallow in the summer would be the only way to prevent drought conditions.
Meyer was interested especially in plants that would flourish in areas of low rainfall .
Above average rainfall was recorded for a few years in some isolated areas and even floods in others.
There has been relatively low rainfall through much of the East Coast of both islands of New Zealand.
Well, the rainfall in this area is one-third of the amount that falls on the Fort William area.
wildebeest sense distant rainfall
However, in seasonal rainfall environments, whether rainfall is high or low, it is very easy to expose soil.
Until early this year, he had bred 600 head but low rainfall forced him to sell half his stock.
The poor desert soil, the high altitude and low rainfall provided an unlikely haven for the young vines.
Many of the lakes are natural bodies of water that are fed by the area's high rainfall .
Instead, Manchester has endured nearly two thirds of its average July rainfall in just two weeks.